Timeless photography for the modern age
Meine Kunst ist Zeitlich und zugleich zeitlos

Quintessentially Vintage
Flashy colors, fetishism for everything exotic, denims and vibrant makeup coupled with a Londonesque underground vibe filled with leather totting pseudo punk dandies - if that doesn't inflict the viewer with a strike of unrelenting nostalgia for everything vintage, then nothing will. But for those that do get that tingly feeling, join us on this joyride exploring ALL the Clichés of the late 20th century decades.
All vintage fans, this is for you!
10 July 2018

Ruminations of a Diva
The life of a Diva is a fantasy many have, the glam, the breathtaking looks, the ever present attention, but not many know the mysterious and troubling secrets it entails. Keeping them private from the stalking gaze of the paparazzi is a challenge of its own. Will she succeed? or will you unmask her true identity?
Discover her dark secrets in Nephilim Magazine:
10 July 2018

Charakterköpfe aus Alt und Neu- Wien
Die Wiener(Innen) eine Charakterstudie in 10 Fotos - Gschichten für Jung und Alt aus einer Stadt im Wandel
Kommt und schaut:
28 March 2018

Lucid Dream
Take a moment to imagine yourself in a different world. Come fantasize with us in this new editorial for Volant Magazine, Düsseldorf - Germany
Join the adventure here:
16 Jan 2018

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