As an artist, I match the idea to a suitable form.
One that speaks the language of the times is
nevertheless abstract enough to be timeless.

Monochrome Dreams
Partake in the sensual scape of the female form with this series of emotionally charged and elegantly framed black and white nudes.
With a big thanks to all those wonderful women who trusted me with their innermost moments of intimacy!
21 Feb 2019

Commissioned Work for Andrej and Aljaz Vesel
For their debut concert and follow up musical tour across Slovenia, Andrej and Aljaz Vesel commissioned a series of enchanting portraits. The featured poster will be printed all over the central European country.
10 Feb 2019

Luxury Statement. Haute-Couture in a noire style
Black and white editorial photography shot for Viennese luxury brand Laskari and published in Elegant Magazine. Late night viewing. LA Noire soundtrack playing in the background because the art style of the period partly influences my creative vision and cause it's awesome.
Video preview:
24 Jan 2019

Formula 1 Grand Prix Singapore Art Weekend
I am honored to announce that I am one of only 20 international artists to have been selected for the curated art show during the Singapore F1 RACE WEEKEND by The Rich List. The ART WEEKEND will start Friday 14th September at the exclusive JW Marriott Singapore South Beach venue.
F1 Art Weekend:
14 - 16 Sept 2018

Quintessentially Vintage
Flashy colors, fetishism for everything exotic, denims and vibrant makeup coupled with a Londonesque underground vibe filled with leather totting pseudo punk dandies - if that doesn't inflict the viewer with a strike of unrelenting nostalgia for everything vintage, then nothing will. But for those that do get that tingly feeling, join us on this joyride exploring ALL the Clichés of the late 20th century decades.
All vintage fans, this is for you!
10 July 2018

Ruminations of a Diva
The life of a Diva is a fantasy many have, the glam, the breathtaking looks, the ever present attention, but not many know the mysterious and troubling secrets it entails. Keeping them private from the stalking gaze of the paparazzi is a challenge of its own. Will she succeed? or will you unmask her true identity?
Discover her dark secrets in Nephilim Magazine:
10 July 2018

Charakterköpfe aus Alt und Neu- Wien
Die Wiener(Innen) eine Charakterstudie in 10 Fotos - Gschichten für Jung und Alt aus einer Stadt im Wandel
Kommt und schaut:
28 March 2018

Lucid Dream
Take a moment to imagine yourself in a different world. Come fantasize with us in this new editorial for Volant Magazine, Düsseldorf - Germany
Join the adventure here:
16 Jan 2018

The Trial by Franz Kafka a production by Pygmalion Theater.
Joseph K. is facing the burden of an absurd and anonymous system that strips him of his humanity and sanity ... will K. triumph over this bureaucratic behemoth or will he be crushed.
Set photography:
19 Dez 2017

Parallel Divergent
My urban avant-garde fashion editorial shot for Peter Fellner Designs takes us on a futuristic journey into the grid has been published by Volant Magazine, Düsseldorf - Germany
Join the adventure here:
22 Nov 2017

I am free
My urban avant-garde fashion editorial shot in the wonderfully bohemian neighborhood of Spittelberg in Vienna is published by Volant Magazine, Düsseldorf - Germany
Go on a ride here:
13 Sept 2017

The Sweet Embrace of the Muses
Glance over this touching, soft and dreamy editorial I shot for the late summer issue of Beativation Magazine; out now!
Let your fantasy wander here:
31 Aug 2017

Beautivation Magazine #8
I am very happy to share with you the release of my latest featured editorial and published cover image. Beautivation Magazine #8 includes Felix Abrudan as the issue's special talent feature. Where Strange Beauty Magazine left off, Beautivation Magazine continues but with a better balance of mainstream and alternative genres, more generally appealing to all beauty, fashion, and art admirers.
Beautivation Magazine #8 - is now online here:
05 July 2017

La Bohème de Vienne
I am proud to share with you my latest international publication with the Düsseldorf based magazine Volant!
La Bohème de Vienne - a fashion cover story is now online here:
20 April 2017

Fashion Rebel - Preview of my latest studio work!
Stay tuned for an electrifying new series, filled with rebellious fashion scoundrels sporting dazzling fresh looks!!
18 Feb 2017

The Viennese Ball - a picture story -
"Alles Walzer!" Dieser traditionelle Spruch betont den Gefühlsüberschwang der Ballnacht, aber die Extase des Feiern, sowie die Künstlers Muse selbst, lässt sich nicht imponieren wohin Sie einen mitreist, welche Emotionen es erweckt.
Meine Bilder deuten auf diese Efferveszenz in subtiler Weise hin: die Serie widerspiegelt mehrere ineinader verschachtelte Kontraste wie der Wechselspiel zwischen der Exuberanz der Jugend und der Bodenhaftigkeit des Altbewährten, sowie die Dualität des Femininen [...]
28 Jan 2017; Fotocult Magazine Vienna

Great results from the students of my 2016 creative portraiture class at the LIK Akademie für Foto und Design in Vienna!!
Make photography YOUR passion!

Check out my written and visual impressions from the runway and from backstage of the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2016. Appealing fashion, cool, diverse designers and a fast paced atmosphere make #fashionblogging and #fashionphotography fun!

Silent Eloquence was a black and white portrait and art nude photography exhibition hosted by the art plus five gallery in the historic 4th district of Vienna, Austria. The narrative arc of this exhibition exposes preconceptions concerning shifting or enduring beauty standards by juxtaposing the grotesque and the sensual while at the same time reflecting on the embedded archetypical associations art has assigned to maleness and womanhood. Silent Eloquence is ultimately a call for introspection toward the inherited cultural framework of representation but equally so a challenge to playful reinterpretation.

I will exhibit at the Rotterdam International Art Fair 9th-10th September 2016 at the prestigious Delaurenskerk exhibition center.

If you're in the region, drop by and say hello.

Felix Abrudan is exhibiting in PHOTOGRAPHY NOW at The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe from 12th – 22nd November 2015.

I met conceptual artist Katarina Balgavy and had a wonderful chat with her about the meaning of it all in times of cultural uncertainty -> it all comes down to a "Sehnsucht" after identity. Read our interview on the blog of the Take Festival - Festival for Independent Fashion in Vienna, Austria, 2016 edition !

And the debut of my collaboration with the wonderful people from Take Festival starts off with an insightful interview with one of their fellows, Selina Rottmann.

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